A Hub for the Data Science Community and Activities

The Data Science Initiative focuses on making qualitatively new research possible, accelerating data-driven exploration, and training researchers throughout their career to be skilled at working with data at all stages of the analysis pipeline. It provides a place for like-minded faculty, postdocs and graduate and undergraduate students to come together to explore a vibrant new inter-disciplinary field that leverages phenomenal changes in technology, computational capabilities and statistical and machine learning developments.

Data Science is more than the sum of statistics, mathematics, machine learning and computer science. It is the outcome of a recent, structural change in the nature of research in many disciplines, ranging from bioinformatics, astrophysics, psychology, neuro-science, political science, economics, business and commerce, environmental science, linguistics and the humanities, and more. We promote interdisciplinary collaborations using data science tools.

Interdisciplinary Collaborations

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Training for Data Scientists

Data Scientists are in high demand, both in industry and research. The set of skills a Data Scientist needs is broader than one discipline or degree program alone. The DSI works with and facilitates inter-departmental development of new courses and degree programs at both the undegraduate and graduate levels to train students in data science. DSI offers regular workshops and tutorials, reading groups, and drop-in office hours.