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DSI DataFest 2018

DSI Workshop Beyond Basics in R

UC-LLNL Data Science Workshop

AI in Biomedicine Conference

DSI Workshop: Git Workflows (part 2 of 2)

DSI Workshop: Git Workflows (part 1 of 2)

Talk: Data Science at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Talk: Probabilistic Modeling to Measure Dark Energy

Talk: Keeping Big Data Private

DSI Workshop: R's C Interface

Talk: How Big Data Links Mathematical Models and Empirical Data with Environmental Politics

AI for Data Discovery and Reuse Conference

Peter Hall Conference: Statistics & Machine Learning

DSI Workshop: Building Apps with R and Shiny

Women In Data Science Davis Conference

DSI Workshop: Interactive, Dynamic Visualization in R and JavaScript

DSI Workshop: Geospatial Data Visualization

DSI Workshop: Graphics in R

Genomics Data Viz & Analysis Workshop

DSI Workshop: Data Visualization Principles, Concepts & Best Practices

DSI Workshop: Data Visualization Principles, Concepts & Best Practices

Data West Forum at SDSC

DSI Workshop: Network Analysis in R

ECE Seminar: Deep Learning via Star-Convex Path

DSI Workshop: Amazon Web Services for Research

AI and Healthcare Mixer

Seminar: Mathematics of Data & Decision at Davis

AI and Healthcare Symposium

Symposium: Nexus of Math, Scientific Computing, Biology & Fluids

unSeminar: Martin Hilbert

DSI Workshop: Git

DSI Workshop: InstallFest

DSI Bootcamp Intro to R

Data Science & Management Orientation

CA Water Data Challenge

DSI Workshop: Topic Modeling with LDA

DSI Info Session: Data Science Internships

DSI Seminar: Deep Learning for Science

DSI Workshop: Machine Learning (part 2)

DSI Workshop: Machine Learning (part 1)

Un-Seminar: When Data Disagree: Incorporating information from multiple sources into a comprehensive spatial model

DSI Workshop: Relational Databases & SQL

DSI Workshop: Practical Introduction to Text Mining

Sotware & Data Carpentry Workshops at UC Davis June 27-28

DSI Workshop: Object oriented concepts, flexible functions, & software design (recorded)

DSI Workshop: Extracting structure from text documents

Replicability, Reproducibility & Scientific Integrity: Mijke Rhemtulla

Talk on Dilemmas of Data in Citizen Science

Workshop on Sequence Analysis

Meetup for teaching data science & computational skills

Seminar: Soheil Fiezi "Unsupervised Learning Revisited"

Seminar: Sarta Gonzalez "Data Science to study Macroscopic Dynamics in Urban Traffic Networks and Planning Urban Systems"

Becoming a Data Scientist Info Session

Replicability, Reproducibility & Scientific Integrity: Mark Yarborough

DSI Workshop: Bayesian Inference

#MaptimeDavis Workshop: Spatial Databases

NodeXL Workshop for Twitter Data

Affiliates Coffee Hour: Matt Espe

NEW DATE - Un-Seminar: Over-Packaged: Ecology & Evolution of R Packages

Seminar - Contributions of statistical physics to data analysis in the social sciences

Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference

DSI Workshop: Exploratory Data Analysis with ggplot in R

#MaptimeDavis Workshop: Finding Remote Sensing Data

Affiliates Coffee Hour: Michele Tobias

Replicability, Reproducibility & Scientific Integrity : Jonathan Eisen

DSI Workshop: Projections for Spatial Data in R

#MaptimeDavis Workshop: Open Mic

Affiliates Coffee Hour: Titus Brown

Network Theory Seminar Series

#MaptimeDavis Workshop: Mapathon

DMP Workshop: Collaborative Data Management

Affiliates Coffee Hour

Replicability, Reproducibility & Scientific Integrity: Simine Vazire

DSI Workshop: R Fundamentals - Part III

#MaptimeDavis Workshop: Drone Imagery Stitching

DMP Workshop: Data Sharing

Affiliates Coffee Hour: Vessela Ensberg

Dell Presents AMD Processing in HPC

Affiliates Coffee Hour

Nature Research Seminar

BaMBA Meeting

HPC Presentation

Grad Orientation


DataRescue for Climate Data

DataRescue Warmup

DSI Hackathon September 2016

LLNL-Davis Data Science Symposium

Livermore Graduate Scholars Program

Professor of Data Science

Asst Professor of Environmental Data Analytics & Visualization, CSU Channel Islands

Asst Professor of Communication Theory UC Davis

Visiting Assistant Statistics Professor at UC Davis

Asst Professor of Communication Theory UC Davis

UC National Lab Graduate Fellowships

Biostatistics Job at Bayer CropScience

Bioinformatician at Clemson University

Data Science for Good Part-Time Internship

Software Engineer - Machine Learning - in SF

Postdoc in AI & Machine Learning at Harvard & FDA

Digital Technologies Development Librarian at NCSU

Data Manager, University of FL

Assoc Director of Data Science, Public Policy at Georgetown

Data Scientist Job for Mental Health

TensorFlow Lite Development at Google

Multiple Global Ecology Remote Sensing/AI Jobs at Stanford

Stats Data Analyst Job at UCLA Policy Lab in Sacramento

Multiple bioinformatics jobs at UCDMC in Sacramento

Health Informatics Summer Graduate Fellowship

Data Systems Analyst Job at UC Davis

On-campus interviews for jobs at Sandia National Labs

Data Science Job @ UC Davis DSI

OptumLabs Summer Internship @ UCSF

Data, Informatics & Application Launch (DIAL) Grant

Postdoc @ UC Davis DSI

Postdoc or Software Developer Job for NIMBLE

Data Science for Social Good Summer Fellowship

Faculty Job Data Science for Sustainable Development at Univ. Michigan

DSI Data Science Internships

Data Science Internship at County of Sacramento

Assistant Teaching Professor in Data Science at UCSD

Asst Professor of Applied Ecosystem Modeling at UC Davis

NYU Moore-Sloan Data Science Fellowship

Postdocs at Smithsonian's Data Science Lab

Faculty Position: Data Studies in Science and Technology Studies & Data Science

Postdoc in Machine Learning at Facebook

Insight Data Fellows Program

Assistant Professor of Cognitive & Information Sciences

Faculty Position: Precision Medicine Informatics

NCEAS Data Science Fellowship

Public Health GSR & Postdoc

Postdoctoral Scholar: Data-driven Academic Institutional Effectiveness Research

Full-time job: Academic Coordinator

Tenure-track faculty position in Data Studies 2016

Internship at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

unSeminar 11/21 - Predicting Twitter Conversations

un-Seminar 11/7 - MultiOmics Data Integration

Seminar 11/2 - Parameter & Model Uncertainty in Conservation

Aligning Parallel Discourse

Wrestling the Microbiome

Unique IDs, unique observations, and universal data management

Data bodies at play - Analyzing the human movement and sound captured by a video game

Seminar: From Conversation to Plant Carnivory: Using Data Science to Tackle Complex Systems

Dynamic predictions of patients length of hospital stay

If a tree falls in the forest: spatiotemporal predictions of drought induced mortality from large, remote sensing datasets

Unearthing 'creativity' from the creativeness corpus

Finding Patterns in Media Framing of Policy Issues over Time

Video-based quantification of anxious behavior in nonhuman primates

Field Sampling for Efficient Mapping of the Subsurface Geology

Talk series: Problem Solving in Data Sciences

Talk: Software tools and strategies or Scientific Software Development

An Approach for analyzing Term Document Matrices

Hadiths, Text and Network Mining

Differential Gene Expression using R

Measuring Effectiveness in Transportation

Intimacy & Interface: Software Prototyping for a New Media

Understanding how much should UC Pay for Open Access

Image Analysis and Fast Indexing of Content

Spatial Statistics and Population Genomics

Analyzing the EvoChess Databases

CSIS seminar: More Data, More People, More Conflicts. The Power of Visualization Technologies in a Big Data Era

Plant Sciences Seminar: From Big Data to biological pathways - gene networks and protein microarrays to understand plant signaling systems

Talk: Open Publishing for the Big-Data Era

Learning Group - Bayesian Inference

Learning Group - Digital Humanities

Learning Group - Neural Networks

Working Group - R for Data Science

C/C++ Working Group

Study Group - Statistical Rethinking

Study Group - Programming Languages

Study Group - Machine Learning

DSI Workshop: R Fundamentals - Part II

#MaptimeDavis Workshop: Data Visualization

DMP Workshop: OpenRefine

DSI Workshop: R Fundamentals - Part I

DSI Workshop: Working with and Creating R Packages

#MaptimeDavis Workshop: Python for Geospatial

#MaptimeDavis Workshop: Accessing ArcGIS on Campus

Workshop 12/1 - Reading & Cleaning Complex Data

Workshop - Parallel Computing in R

Workshop 11/03 - Bibliometrics


Cluster Computing


Workshop on R

Mini-Course - R Fundamentals

Workshop: Data Visualization Principles

Workshop on Docker

Workshop - Lessons from Binary Classification

Workshop - Machine Learning

Workshop - Efficient Code in R

Workshop - Python for data analysis 2

Workshop - Python for data analysis 1

Natural Language Processing: Text Classification

Natural Language Processing: Form and Meaning

Debugging in R

Natural Language Processing: Text Normalization and Entity Extraction

Introduction to Bayesian Modeling Using Stan

Slash and Burn Command Line and Git

Text Mining Fundamentals

Compiling/Optimizing Code for HPC resources

Overview of Makefiles

Introduction to SLURM

Getting Started with Software Repositories (GitHub)

Unix Shell Workshop

Introduction to HPC/Cluster Computing Seminar

Bootcamp: Introduction to data science using R

D3 workshop

Advanced Text Mining

Open Science Framework Workshop

Intermediate Text Mining

Introductory Text Mining

HackerWithin - Capturing software builds with Docker


Hands-on Introduction to Google Earth Engine

Beginner Git


Amazon Web Services workshop

HackerWithin - Git Internals

Bootcamp: Data Science in the Wild

Data visualization workshop

1-day Workshop on Visualization with R

Web Scraping & Services Workshop

Web Scraping & Web Services Workshop

Python for Data Analysis Mini-course

Workshop: Accessing data from Web pages and Web services/APIs