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HPC Presentation

Workshop 12/1 - Reading & Cleaning Complex Data

unSeminar 11/21 - Predicting Twitter Conversations

BaMBA Meeting

Workshop 11/17 - Parallel Computing in R

un-Seminar 11/7 - MultiOmics Data Integration

Workshop 11/03 - Bibliometrics

Aligning Parallel Discourse


Wrestling the Microbiome

Cluster Computing


DataRescue for Climate Data

DSI Hackathon September 2016

Study Group - Neural Networks

Study Group - Statistical Rethinking

Study Group - Programming Languages

Study Group - Machine Learning

Workshop 10/13 - Webscraping

Grad Orientation

Workshop on R

Mini-Course - R Fundamentals

Workshop - Data Visualization principles

Workshop on Docker


Workshop - Lessons from Binary Classification

Workshop - Machine Learning

Workshop - Efficient Code in R

Workshop - Python for data analysis 2

Workshop - Python for data analysis 1

Natural Language Processing: Text Classification

Natural Language Processing: Form and Meaning

Debugging in R

Natural Language Processing: Text Normalization and Entity Extraction

Introduction to Bayesian Modeling Using Stan

Slash and Burn Command Line and Git

Text Mining Fundamentals

DataRescue Warmup

Compiling/Optimizing Code for HPC resources

Overview of Makefiles

Introduction to SLURM

Getting Started with Software Repositories (GitHub)

Unix Shell Workshop

Introduction to HPC/Cluster Computing Seminar

Bootcamp: Introduction to data science using R

D3 workshop

Advanced Text Mining

Open Science Framework Workshop

Intermediate Text Mining

Introductory Text Mining

HackerWithin - Capturing software builds with Docker


Hands-on Introduction to Google Earth Engine

Beginner Git


Amazon Web Services workshop

HackerWithin - Git Internals

Bootcamp: Data Science in the Wild

Data visualization workshop

1-day Workshop on Visualization with R

Web Scraping & Web Services Workshop

Python for Data Analysis Mini-course