Date Time 11-12pm Where DSI Classroom, 360 Shields Library Tags Coffee Hour

Affiliates Coffee Hour

The DSI hosts weekly coffee networking hours for our graduate student and postdoctoral Affiliates. This week's special guest is Associate Professor Titus Brown. Titus' research group focuses on data intensive biology. His background is in developmental molecular biology, gene networks and systems biology, with a current focus on making biological sense of large amounts of sequencing data from non-model systems. Titus' group also develops software for sequence data and runs and teaches training in data-intensive biology. They also run "MAD" (Meet and Analyze Data), weekly drop-in help and work sessions at his lab on the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine campus. For more information about Titus, his lab, research, and MAD, see here and here.

This event is open to all current and active DSI Affiliates. To learn more and to apply to be a DSI Affiliate, see here.