DataRescue for Climate Data

We're holding a DataRescue event on Thursday, Feb 2nd between 10am and 4pm in 360 Shields Library to retrieve climate-related data and archive it for future use. This is important as the public availability of this data is under threat. You can drop in any time during the event and help a group work on one or more Web sites. You can help in various ways, regardless of your technical programming skills. You'll be doing something important and also learn about scraping data, both simple and advanced.

At 10am on Thursday, we'll have a 1-hour "training" session that will introduce the basic approaches and tools for scraping (using R). After that, we'll work on getting climate data from Web pages and cataloging it.

There will be snacks and drinks for participants.

More information and sample URLs.

Hosted by the UC Davis Library and the Data Science Initiative.