2018 Call for Applications: International PhD /Graduate Fellowship Program

UC Davis, CITRIS-Health and Universities in Denmark and Scandinavia are excited to offer a call for applications to a unique interdisciplinary and international academic training opportunity in applied health informatics. Students will participate in an intensive program held at University of California, Davis, August 13 - August 17th 2018.

Deadline for application to this program is April 25th. Questions can be directed to PersonalizedHealthProgram@ucdavis.edu.

Program structure:

This course is oriented to advanced graduate students seeking a comprehensive introduction to methods of design, assessment and implementation in personalized health informatics The program will focus on the current and next generation of technologies, research design methodologies, health communities and models of digital health care, and will have interdisciplinary faculty and students from policy to engineering.

Learning goals for students include:

  • Advanced study in design, testing, assessment and implementation of personalized informatics and patient-centered technology for patients and communities
  • Collaborative network development with students and international researchers within telehealth and personalized health informatics

Program thematic areas include:

  • Usability, design thinking and participatory design
  • Human centered interface design and evaluation methods
  • Data acquisition methods for instrument and self-reported health data
  • Development of digital phenotyping for health monitoring
  • Data analytics of large scale mobile and clinical data
  • Assessment of the value of digital health care interventions
  • Ethical, legal and social issues in research and dissemination of personal health technology Academic Credit

University of California students will receive 1-3 units of graduate credit with their home department or school. Danish and Scandinavian students will receive 5 ECTS points Student completing this course will have unique and advanced skills and potential US and international research collaborations.

Dates and Locations:

The program will be held at Davis and Sacramento locations of the University of California, Davis, August 13th-17th 2018. Students will participate in an intensive 5-day program with peer students, researchers and industry leaders from Europe and the US.

Program costs and awards:

The cost of the program is $500 which includes the course, lunches, and related activities. PhD students from UC Davis or UC Berkeley may receive a scholarship to cover these costs. Lodging costs are the responsibility of the student. See application instructions below.

Program eligibility:

Prospective students must be currently enrolled in a graduate program (either research-focused masters or PhD) or hold a 1st or 2nd year post-doctoral position in the following schools and colleges:

  • Universities in Denmark and Scandinavia
  • UC Davis:
    • School of Medicine in public health, health informatics, clinical and translational science
    • School of Nursing
    • College of Engineering in computer science, biomedical engineering
    • College of Letters and Science in science and technology studies UC Berkeley
    • School of Information in information and data science or information management and systems
    • College of Engineering in computer science

Application Requirements:

Applicants should submit by 5PM April 25th the following in PDF or Microsoft Word format to PersonalizedHealthProgram@ucdavis.edu with the subject line: International Informatics Fellowship. No late submissions will be accepted.

  • Two-page proposal (US Letter; 8.5 x 11 inch, no less than 0.5 inch margins, no less than 11 point font, single spaced) that includes: * A. Name, academic degree(s), university affiliation, and location (city, state, and country) of applicant * B. Overview of interests related to personalized health research in digital health, informatics and personcentered technology. This section should be structured as an abstract for a paper regarding a research topic you intend to pursue. Include the following sections: * Introduction – A short background and objective(s) of the proposal * Methods – Study design, setting (if appropriate), patients or participants (if appropriate), interventions (if appropriate), and main outcome measures * Results – Key findings or anticipated findings * Discussion – Key anticipated implications related to the foundational advancement or biomedical application of the work o Optional illustrations (figures or tables must fit within the 2-page limit) * References (must fit within the 2-page limit) * C. What do you hope to gain from participating in this fellowship and international exchange program, personally and professionally? * D. What do you feel you can contribute to this fellowship and international exchange program, personally and professionally?
  • Indicate if you are currently enrolled PhD student requesting scholarship support.
  • A separate one-page signed advisor letter of support for applying to this program. If applicable, the advisor letter should also confirm that the applicant is a currently enrolled PhD student and eligible for scholarship support.
  • Maximum five-page NIH compatible biosketch that clearly states current and prior research experience, including publications, presentations or other contributions – (see Formatting Guidelines – Biosketch at https://archives.nih.gov/asites/grants/07-19-2016/grants/forms/biosketch-sample-Forms-D.docx)

Fellowship Process and Requirements:

  • Fellows will be notified of acceptance by May 1, 2018
  • Accepted fellows must attend the entire program Aug. 13 – 17th, 2018
  • Accepted fellows must submit a 5-page (single spaced) academic research paper related to the topic proposed in the application prior to the start of the program. This paper will also be presented as a conference podium presentation during the program. For questions please contact the faculty directors.


  • Associate Professor Nick Anderson, Department of Public Health Sciences, University of California Davis, and University of California-CITRIS Health
  • Professor Birthe Dinesen, SMI, Department of Health Science and Technology, Head of Laboratory of Welfare Technologies – Telehealth & Telerehabilitation, Aalborg University
  • Assistant Professor Katherine Kim, University of California Davis-Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, Director of Health Innovation Research at Center of Health & Technology, and Senior Scientist for Health at University of California-CITRIS


  • Associate Professor Helle Spindler, Department of Psychology, Aarhus University
  • Associate Professor Kristian Kidholm CIMT, Odense University Hospital
  • Professor Jes Broeng, Skylab, Department of Photonics Engineering, Danish Technical University
  • Professor Lars Dittman, Department of Photonics Engineering, Danish Technical University
  • Professor Mark Yarborough, Bioethics Professor, UC Davis • Professor Sheryl Catz, Professor, UC Davis School of Nursing
  • David Lindeman, Director, CITRIS Health • Professor Xin Liu, UC Davis, Computer Science
  • Professor Matt Bishop, UC Davis, Computer Science

Facts about TTRN

The Transatlantic Telehealth Research Network (TTRN) is dedicated to developing cutting-edge research and innovation within telehealth. The research is interdisciplinary (medicine, engineering, nursing, organizational, economic, policy); and focuses on developing new diagnostic, preventive care and treatment methods/technologies for patients in their own homes utilizing telehealth. Problem-based, user-driven innovation is a key issue in the international and interdisciplinary TTRN. Partners in the TTRN Citris, UC Berkeley; Betty Irene Moore Nursing School; CHT, UC Davis Health; Cleveland Clinic; Connected Health Innovation, Harvard Medical School, Boston; Center for Innovative Medical Technologies (CIMT), Odense University Hospital & Southern Danish University; Department of Photonics Engineering, Danish Technical University; Department of Psychology, Aarhus University and Department of Health Science and Technology, Aalborg University. Vision paper on Telehealth Within the TTRN we have published the paper: “Personalized telehealth in the future: a global research agenda” by Dinesen, Birthe Irene; Nonnecke, Brandie; Lindeman, David; Toft, Egon; Kidholm, Kristian; Jethwani, Kamal; Young, Heather M.; Spindler, Helle; Østergaard, Claus Ugilt; Southard, Jeffrey A.; Gutierrez, Mario; Anderson, Nick; Albert, Nancy M.; Han, Jay J.; Nesbitt, Thomas. Journal of Medical Internet Research, Vol. 18, Nr. 3, e53, 2016. Can be downloaded here: https://www.jmir.org/2016/3/e53/ Learn more about TTRN http://citris-uc.org/telehealth/project/transatlantic-telehealth-research-network/


If you have any questions please contact the US Program Directors: Nick Anderson and Katherine Kim.

More information about CITRIS-Health: http://citris-uc.org/partnerships-for-international-research-and-education/