Postdoctoral Research Scientist at Facebook in Macine Learning (Computer Vision)

Facebook is seeking a Visiting Researcher to join our team. Our group is committed to developing next generation products and platforms and doing research and engineering at scale. We are applying cutting-edge computer vision algorithms to a wide range of media understanding challenges at Facebook. We are seeking individuals who are recognized experts in identified research areas such as machine learning and computer vision. Term length would be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Develop novel and accurate computer vision algorithms & systems, leveraging deep learning and machine learning on big data resources Analyze and improve efficiency, scalability, and stability of various deployed systems. Collaborate with team members from the level of prototyping to the level of production. Contribute research that can be applied to Facebook product development

Minimum Qualifications

  • Currently has or is in the process of obtaining a PhD degree or completing a postdoctoral assignment in the field of Machine Learning or similar 
  • Must be available to start employment on or before December 4, 2017 
  • Research and/or work experience in the fields of machine learning, deep learning and/or computer vision.
  • Knowledge in C/C++, Java or other related language
  • Experience with training deep neural networks, prototyping in scripting languages like MATLAB, python, math performance libs (e.g. IPP, MKL), CPU optimization methods (e.g. assembly SIMD instructions)
  • Able to obtain work authorization in the US beginning in 2017 

Preferred Qualifications

  • Research and software engineer experience demonstrated via an internship, work experience, coding competitions

More details and how to apply: