NYU Moore-Sloan Data Science Fellowship 2018


The Center for Data Science at New York University invites applications for 2-year positions as Moore-Sloan Data Science Fellows for fall 2018. These attractive independent research positions are a prominent feature of the Moore-Sloan Data Science Environment at NYU, a multi-institutional effort funded in part by a generous grant from the Moore and Sloan Foundations. Data Science Fellows will be expected to work at the boundaries between the data-science methods and domain sciences. They are also encouraged to develop collaborations with partners at the University of California Berkeley, and the University of Washington. They will lead independent, original research programs with impact in one or more scientific domains (natural science or social science) and in one or more methodological domains (computer science, statistics, and applied mathematics). Successful candidates will bring a research agenda that can take advantage of the unique intellectual opportunities afforded by NYU, and will have experience in working with researchers across different fields.

For more information and how to apply: https://cds.nyu.edu/nyu-moore-sloan-data-science-fellows/. Questions? Contact MSDSE Program Manager Emily Mathis Corona.