Data Science Internships

Call for new DSI interns

Internships at the DSI The Data Science Initiative has opportunities for inquisitive problem solvers to gain experience working on highly interdisciplinary, data-enabled research problems at UC Davis. This is an excellent opportunity to work on hands-on projects with Data Scientists, strengthen your portfolio of Data Science projects, and be a part of the Data Science community on campus.

The problems are varied, continually changing, and include (to list a few): Extracting structured data from free-form documents (e.g. PDFs, images via Optical Character Recognition) Scraping Web pages and querying API Extracting words from audio files Visualization and Exploratory Data Analysis Developing Web-based dashboards using JavaScript, Shiny, etc. Designing databases for different users Develop and validating training sets for different projects Network analysis

Applicants must be proficient in a high-level programming language (e.g., R or Python) or clearly illustrate an ability to quickly be efficient in such a language.

Ideal applicants will provide evidence of completed projects (outside of coursework) that illustrate initiative, an ability to break a project into tasks, function well in a small group (2 - 3 people), and an ability to actively problem solve and ask the right questions in approaching Data Science problems. Most importantly we are looking for inquisitive students, passionate to learn Data Science, hungry for experience and a desire to solve a range of hands-on problems. Interns will learn a lot from day-to-day contact with Data Scientists at the DSI, asking questions and discussing different solutions.

The scope of the internship will be dictated by the available projects and the number of hours per week invested in this internship opportunity (typically 4-10 hrs/week). All interns must work a minimum of 4 hours per week in person at the DSI (Shields Library). Volunteers may be eligible for 1-2 units of course credit on a case by case basis. Excellent candidates who prove their competency may be hired as paid interns.

We will consider undergraduate, Masters, and PhD students for a variety of different positions. Internships can be renewed quarterly based on DSI project workload and intern performance.

To Apply:

Submit a cover letter, resume and unofficial transcript to with the subject “DSI Internship Application”. In your cover letter, tell us about your background and interest in data science, how this internship relates to your academic and career goals, and your availability. Competitive applicants will be invited to interview for the open positions.

Contact with any questions.