Data, Informatics & Application Launch (DIAL™) Grant Pilot Program: FY 2017-18

The deadline for applications is Monday, March 5, 2018, at 5pm. 


The UC Davis Data, Informatics & Application Launch (DIAL) Grant Program is a pilot funding program available in the 2017-18 fiscal year, funded by the Office of Research under the State of California’s AB-2664 legislative initiative and managed by UC Davis Venture Catalyst.  While the program may be offered in subsequent years, it is currently being offered and managed as a one-time pilot program.  The objective of the DIAL Grant Program is to provide targeted funding to support translational science and innovative research performed by UC Davis researchers, with the intent of demonstrating commercial potential, proof-of-concept or other outcomes that improve or clarify the commercialization risk profile for data, information science or software and related applications being developed at UC Davis.  Key features of the DIAL grant program include 1) feedback to all applicants and 2) an active mentoring component for applicants.  More information about last year’s DIAL program can be found in the 2016-17 STAIR/DIAL Program Executive Summary. A list of previous award winners can be found here.

In 2016-17, a total of $56,547 in DIAL Grant monies was awarded to fund three different proposals.  In 2017-18, a total of $60,000 in DIAL Grant funding is available, with maximum allowable funding of $20,000 per successful DIAL grant recipient.

If you are a UC Davis researcher and are interested in applying, please download the DIAL program RFP, application form, invitation to self-identify (demographic information), and detailed application instructions from the DIAL Grant Program Materials page.

Venture Catalyst will be hosting information sessions during late January and the month of February.  Please check their Information Session page for details.

Applications will be accepted beginning Tuesday, January 24, 2018 at the Research Funding Opportunities website (Kerberos login required) of the Office of Research at   The announcement is posted under the “UC Davis Administered Programs” (select this option on the right-hand side of the landing page).  Applicants must upload all four required documents listed below to the Research Funding Opportunities website in pdf format: DIAL Grant application form Research Plan (3 pages maximum; a fourth page may additionally be utilized solely for supporting figures, images, or charts) Budget, Milestones and Timelines document (up to 2 pages) Biographical sketches for all key personnel (two pages or less preferred)

If you are a UC Davis researcher interested in being added to the DIAL Grant email list, or have any questions about the program, please send an email to dialgrant.