Data Science Affiliate Program

The Data Science Initiative (DSI) is building a cross-cutting, interdisciplinary, campus community centered on the exciting area of Data Science. We invite graduate students and postdocs from any discipline who are involved in data-driven research to apply to the DSI affiliates program. We accept affiliates from across the University with varying backgrounds, experience and interest in Data Science, from the Humanities, Social Sciences to Math, Engineering, Biology, Epidemiology, Statistics, etc.

This is a terrific opportunity to learn from others about different aspects of Data Science ranging from new data technologies, software, programming languages and techniques, to statistical machine learning methods and visualization, to data ethics, governance, privacy and - most importantly - applications of Data Science. Being an affiliate complements your own program and provides an additional dimension and network. It brings together researchers studying Data Science interested in novel applications, and students pioneering the use of data-driven science within their fields.

Affiliates have priority registration for DSI workshops and have access to the DSI lab, a co-working suite in the UC Davis Library (Shields) which includes desk spaces, lounge areas, conference rooms, a classroom, and a kitchen area. The space is also furnished throughout with whiteboards and LCD screens and is the campus hub for Data Science resources. In addition to the physical space, affiliates will also be part of the burgeoning community of data scientists on campus. The community discusses new Data Science developments, brainstorms about projects, forms new collaborations, and helps with each other’s problems.

Affiliates are expected to actively participate in this multidisciplinary community by spending time in the DSI space and attending regular seminars and events. This is a great opportunity to strengthen your Data Science knowledge and skills, network, get career advice as well as input on your research, and collaborate in a multi-disciplinary environment. Active affiliates are eligible to apply for senior status and competitive GSR positions, research/travel grants, access to our compute server, and other select opportunities through the DSI.

See the Current Affiliates for a list of our current affiliates.

Faculty who are interested in becoming affiliates should email us at

Prospective affiliates can apply at any time: New affiliates will be onboarded at select times during the academic year.