Day(s) Tue Time 1-3pm Where 360 Shields Library Who Dan Hicks (DSI) Tags Office Hours

Dan Hicks is a postdoc at the DSI conducing research in data-driven academic institutional effectiveness. He received his PhD in philosophy from Notre Dame and MS in Mathematics from the University of Illinois, Chicago. Prior to coming to the DSI he was a AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow at the EPA and NSF, and a postdoc at the University of Ontario.

During office hours, Dan can provide feedback on: Bibliometrics -- Scopus web interface and API Beginner through intermediate skills in R -- including ggplot for plotting, igraph for network analysis, dplyr for SQL-like data wrangling * Philosophical issues in statistics and Data Science (How do you decide between frequentist or Bayesian methods? What should you do about P-hacking and alpha cutoffs? How do you know you've picked the right test? Etc.)