Mathematics of Data and Decision at Davis Seminar

This new seminar series by the UC Davis Math Department kicks off on October 1st at 3pm, and is held weekly 4-5 thereafter for Fall 2018 in MASB 1147.

Fall MADDD Schedule

Mondays 4-5pm in MSB1147 (unless otherwise specified)


The MADDD seminar aims to gather researchers on all kinds of cutting-edge algorithmic and mathematical techniques used when analyzing and visualizing data, and then making optimal decisions. Thus talks and discussions on the seminar, most often directly motivated by applications, will include (but will not be limited to): Optimization, Applied Computational Harmonic Analysis, Topological Data Analysis, Game Theory, Information theory, Theory of Machine Learning Algorithms, Computational Geometry, Inverse problems, Shape optimization problems, Scheduling problems, Packing, Risk assessment models, Control theory, Computer vision problems, Statistical signal and image processing, Pattern Recognition problems, Clustering and classification, Data Compression, Discrete Mathematics, Numerical Linear and Tensor Algebra, Random matrix theory, Convex and Functional analysis, etc. For more information see the MADDD seminar webpage. Questions? Contact Shiqian Ma.