DSI Information Session: Navigating Data Science Internships for Graduate Students & Postdocs

Graduate students and postdocs working in a data science field, or looking to pivot into data science, increasingly need a "portfolio" to highlight the diversity and depth of their skill sets. Internships can be a good way to achieve this, but how do you find and manage working on an internship while pursuing your higher degree (or postdoctoral work)? This info session at the UC Davis Data Science Initiative will feature a panel of graduate student and postdoctoral scholars who will talk about their industry and government internship and fellowship experiences. After the panel there will be time to meet with the panelists and additional invited guests in small groups to ask specific questions about their experiences.

Panelists/Table Chair list:

  • Robert Bassett, Math (National Security Agency, Sandia National Laboratories)
  • Clark Fitzgerald, Statistics (Climate Corporation; R Consortium; LuLus)
  • Cassandra Jacobs, Psychology (Stitch Fix)
  • Dana Iltis (Finance)
  • Eric Kalos-Kenyon, Statistics (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
  • Hugo Mailhot, Computer Science (Delphia; WANTED Technologies)
  • Ryan Philips, Neuroscience (Insight; Remind)

Topics covered may include:

  • Why do an internship (or training fellowship) as a grad student/postdoc?
  • When should you do the internship?
  • How do you find opportunities?
  • How do you balance an internship with your dissertation or postdoc research?
  • What skills can help you get an internship?
  • How can you get the most out of your internship experience?

This event is for graduate students and postdocs at UC Davis. Seats are limited, refreshments provided. Registration is required.

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