DSI unSeminar: "Data Science for the United Nations: harnessing digital footprints in Latin America"

DSI Faculty Affiliate Professor Martin Hilbert from the Department of Communication will present an unSeminar on Thursday, Oct 25 2-3pm (Shields 360).


The United Nations is the main clearinghouse of international statistics. The UN Secretariat is currently exploring how public online data can be used to inform international development policies. For example, job market sites can disclose labour market dynamics, retail sites can reveal price barriers for technology diffusion, and social media sites can expose gender inequalities. Recent UN programs such as GlobalPulse, an initiative aimed at harnessing big data safely and responsibly as a public good, are important but their speed of adoption lags behind the private sector and in government agencies in developed countries. There is laudable good will, but lacking technological capacity. At this unSeminar we’ll discuss innovative ways to help the UN exploit the ensuing opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Attn! Prof. Hilbert is recruiting 2-3 research assistants to travel to the UN Secretariat in Santiago, Chile for a 3-mo consultancy on this topic during Jan-March 2019.

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About the unSeminars

  • What? This is a different kind of seminar. Come brainstorm about cross-University research problems in this multidisciplinary, flipped series where the audience does most of the talking to apply data science and interdisciplinary knowledge to address complex unsolved research problems. The presenter provides the question(s), and the audience leverages their combined backgrounds and expertise to suggest solutions.
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