Talk title: EXPLORER: A Total-Body PET Scanner for Biomedical Research
Speaker: Martin Judenhofer (and others), Biomed. Eng.
Venue: 360 Shields Library
Time: 11:50 am - 1 pm

This is just the kind of seminar you've always hoped would be held. Each seminar presenter will sketch out a current problem that they are working on, and seminar participants are expected to brainstorm with presenters on ways the problem could be tackled. Material from a variety of disciplines will be presented. The seminar is fun, enlightening, highly multidisciplinary and about work in progress.

Future talks this quarter:

Date Title Speaker
Oct. 19 (Wed) Field Sampling for Efficient Mapping of the Subsurface Geology Prof. Jason Dejong, Civil and Env. Eng
Nov. 3 (Thurs) Video-based quantification of anxious behavior in nonhuman primates Prof. Andrew Fox, Psychology
Nov 30 (Wed) Finding Patterns in Media Framing of Policy Issues over Time Prof. Amber Boydstun, Political Science