Talk title: Unique IDs, unique observations, and universal data management Speaker: Fraser Schilling, Road Ecology Center Venue: 360 Shields Library
Date: Tuesday May 30, 12 - 1 pm
Keywords: unique identifiers, open data, database management, images Abstract: Most environmental monitoring and investigation involves recording events or processes using discrete measurements. Universal standardization of unique event records would enhance data management and sharing. One approach we are considering is to use an observation in the form of an image and associate attribute information within the Exif data table, or as part of the file name, in a way that contains all relevant information for creating an observation record ingestible and useable across many data management systems and analytical frameworks. For example, "when, where, what, who, why" could be recorded as attributes in the image file Exif data, which would make the image file a record and shareable object. Alternatively, we could store image files with standardized naming conventions encompassing those metadata. The advantages of these two approaches is that the record (image) and the event record (metadata) become the same thing. This approach would speed up queries and facilitate sharing across platforms and users. But is this the most elegant approach? Even with a low implementation cost, is the effort worth it to apply to large existing image databases or is there a better alternative?

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