Time 1-2.30pm Tags Talk

Date: Friday, Oct. 7, 1pm - 2.30pm
Venue: 360 Shields Library (DSI classroom)
Speaker: Daniel Standage, Postdoc in the Lab for Data Intensive Biology

Pizza will be provided

Although scientists in many fields are relying increasingly on software for simulation, modeling, and data analysis, most scientists have little or no formal training in software development and engineering. Successfully managing a scientific software project doesn't require you to become a professional software engineer, but learning and using a handful of software development tools and strategies can make a huge difference in the accuracy and usability of the research software and in the efficiency of the software development process.

In this presentation, we'll discuss tools (including version control, code hosting services) and strategies (including project organization, automated testing, pair programming, code review) that every coding scientist should know about, as well as some considerations about funding and credit that are unique to scientific software projects.