Reproducibility, Replicability, & Scientific Integrity: Part III

An interactive, multidisciplinary series focusing on rigor in scientific research

  • February 12: "Threats to the integrity of peer review: What authors, reviewers and editors can do," Simine Vazire, Associate Professor of Psychology at UC Davis
  • February 26: "Opening up scientific and scholarly communication," Jonathan Eisen, Professor of Evolution & Ecology, UC Davis Genome Center
  • March 12: "Systems-level impediments to trustworthy biomedical research," Mark Yarborough, Dean's Professor of Bioethics, Internal Medicine, UC Davis Medical Center. Recording
  • April 9: "A perspective from quantitative psychology," Mijke Rhemtulla, Assistant Professor of Psychology at UC Davis

The DSI is bringing together scholars from across disciplines at UC Davis to discuss the issues of replicable and reproducible research, including: open science, scientific integrity, transparency and openness, credibility, philosophy and ethics of science, incentive structures in science, meta-science, etc. We’ll emphasize big picture issues that cut across disciplines, rather than specific technical skills or statistical issues within a domain. No prior experience or expertise is necessary; all individuals from all domains and at all career stages (students, postdocs, faculty, staff) are welcome to attend.

Future activities on this theme may include discussions groups, workshops, and mini-conferences. If you are interested in presenting or organizing an activity, please contact contact The group is organized by Pamela Reynolds and Duncan Temple Lang at the Data Science Initiative, and Simine Vazire from the Psychology Department.

No registration is required. Please distribute broadly to any who may be interested.