Nework Analysis in R

Recording Github repo with notes, code and data

Do you have network data that you're not sure what to do with? A network-based analysis in mind but you're not sure how to implement it? Do you want to build network data from scratch or from other data types? Want to come learn about network analyses and whether it's appropriate for your data?

This workshop led by DSI postdoc Dr. Jane Carlen will cover techniques for creating, analyzing and modeling network data in R. Topics will include measures of centrality and other descriptive statistics, community detection, exponential random graph models, latent space models, and visualization. We will use tools from several packages in R including statnet, igraph, visNetwork, and ggplot2 extensions.

The exact list of topics and examples will depend on problems supplied by YOU. If you have data which you think would be appropriate for a network analysis, or a problem with network data that you'd like to work through, please send a description of it and any corresponding data and code to Jane Carlen.

Prerequisites: Attendees should be familiar with R and comfortable writing functions, installing packages and plotting. For best participation bring your laptop with the latest working version of R and packages statnet, igraph, visNetwork and ggplot2 installed. No previous experience with network analysis is required. We especially encourage those with active network data problems to attend. There will be open time at the end for Q&A.