Genomics Workshop: hands-on introduction to genomics data visualization and analysis


Ever wanted to learn how to analyze genomics data, or seen some nice figures in a class or paper, and wanted to learn how to draw them? Looking to add some skills to your resume for grad school or a job application?

This hands-on workshop led by Professor Gerald Quon will cover the fundamentals of data analysis and visualization of single cell genomics (RNA) data from different types of samples (tumors, stem cells). Topics will include experimental design, quality control, visualization and typical statistical analyses.

The workshop will be run in R, and is targeted at undergraduate students. It will be a mix of 25% discussion and 75% hands-on tutorial. We will not assume you have any prior knowledge of R or genomics data analysis, but you should have basic knowledge about what transcription and DNA sequencing is, and be able to install R before attending (

This workshop has limited seating. Registration is $10, which will cover snacks.

Requirements: A laptop with R installed and working. Installing RStudio is optional but encouraged.