Building Apps with R and Shiny

Register Recording will be available here after the event Github repo with notes, code and data

Shiny is a tool in R to build and deploy interactive web apps Shiny apps can make data accessible to users without them having to know R, or have any software beyond a basic web browser. Shiny can help with other stages of the data science pipeline too, such as performing exploratory data analysis or creating a narrative from data.

This workshop taught by DSI Postdoctoral Scholar Dr. Jane Carlen will cover:

  • The architecture of Shiny apps - ui, server, input, output, reactivity
  • Examples and components of Shiny apps
  • How to build a Shiny App
  • How to deploy a Shiny App using the RStudio server
  • We will build and deploy a basic Shiny app during the workshop.

The last 30 minutes of this workshop are open for individual Q&A.

Prerequisites & Target audience:

Users should be familiar with R and have experience writing functions and installing packages. Attendees should come with their laptop and the latest versions of R, RStudio, and the shiny package installed ( This workshop is aimed at Shiny beginners — those who have never created a Shiny app or who have built a simple app or two, but want to learn more about the organizing principles and capabilities of Shiny. We recommend exploring the Shiny gallery before the workshop!