Location: DSI workspace, 360 Shields Library
Lecturer: Duncan Temple Lang, Director of the DSI

This short workshop will provide two things: 1. a brief introduction to creating "canned" dynamic, interactive plots from R, and 2. an overview of D3, its computational model, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Web developer tools so that you can adapt D3 plots to do new things or to new data, and create entirely new D3 displays yourself. This will quickly introduce you to the different technologies used in creating dynamic, interactive displays.

If there is sufficient interest, we can have a "hacking" or Q&A session after the workshop to explore more details. Also, if participants want, this can be the catalyst to start a D3 "reading group".

IMPORTANT, please sign up for the workshop if you intend to participate. Given the unusual timing (dead day), if there aren't enough people attending, we'll move it to another time.

Link to the GitHub repository.