Slash and Burn Command Line and Git

A hands-on practicum on the UNIX/Linux command line and Git version control during which we'll learn the basics of getting around using a command line shell and using Git to manage files. No prior experience is necessary. We'll download all the needed software and get it installed on our machines together, have some directed play on the command line, connect to a remote Git repository, and push a repo and commits to our own, remote Git repositories. We’ll spend very little time talking about what’s under the hood or investigating the many powerful tools that Git offers for advanced users. The workshop is a boots-on-the-ground, get your hands dirty practicum designed to get you up and running on your own computer and give you skills necessary to start using command line Git. (Note: if you don’t know what the command line is, you should definitely take this workshop.) No previous programming or Unix command line experience is necessary. This is a hands-on workshop, so participants must bring a laptop on which they have administrative privileges (the ability to install software) to the workshop.