Time 10-1 pm Where DSI Classroom, 360 Shields Library Tags Workshop

Fall 2017's kick-off event for the Data Science Initiative is a community #InstallFest. Come with your computer and work with people to install different pieces of software you need to do Data Science of all sorts during this drop-in workshop.

This is great opportunity to: meet other students with similar interests, find out about software you didn't know about or want to know more about, and * ask questions about how to get started with different software.

Experts will be around to help overcome problems, discuss different software, and help get you started. Everyone will learn something new.

This is focused on getting people over hurdles with Data Science software. This is NOT intended as technical support for general computer issues.

Examples of software include (but not limited to): R & RStudio R packages Python, numba, ... and Anaconda Jupyter notebooks Git (version control) qGIS (Geographical Information Systems) TensorFlow GPU toolkits, e.g., CUDA, OpenCL Text Editors, plugins and customization Natural Language Processing software & related Python/R packages (e.g., tm, rJava) SSH and remote logins Databases (e.g., MySQL, Postgres, SQLite; NoSQL, Solr, ...) Development Tools (compilers, linkers, profilers, configure, make, cmake, ...) JavaScript Virtual Machines and installing additional operating systems Docker

And we can help with other Data Science-related software.