Problem Solving Un-Seminar Series

The DSI runs a novel problem solving "unseminar" series. The idea is that a speaker is working on a research problem that involves some Data Science challenge they don't know how to solve. They quickly present the motivation for the research and then the Data Science problem. Then the inter-disciplinary audience asks questions, suggests approaches and helps to identify possible paths. Sometimes this leads directly to an immediate solution. Other times, there are great suggestions that the speaker can explore. And sometimes this leads to interesting synergies and collaborations. Framing a question can be the hardest task, but also most clarifying. The aim of these talks is that it is not very demanding for the speaker or the audience but there is a great deal of opportunity.

For the audience, it is a terrific opportunity to see applications of Data Science in very different fields. It is also a great venue to see how people atriculate, discuss and refine a problem and think about solutions. This thought process is Data Science in action.

We are actively looking for speakers in this series - faculty, postdocs and graduate students with interesting, thought-provoking problems. Contact us if you are interested in proposing a talk.