Education & Training

The DSI offers workshops (short seminars, half to full day, or multiple day modules) that complement the material taught in regular courses, provide hands-on applications, and present new topics and under development techniques. Workshop topics depend on the needs of our data science community and available expertise. Workshops are announced here and on our listserv.

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All workshops are in the DSI Classroom, room 360 in Shields Library. Workshops are generally on Fridays from 9am - noon unless otherwise noted.

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Past Workshops

This is a list of the DSI workshops with related materials and video recordings. Additional training events, talks, etc. can be found under Events.

Date Title Instructor Resources
FALL 2018
Oct 12 InstallFest DSI staff
Oct 19 Introduction to Git Carl Stahmer recording
Nov 2 Amazon Web Services for Research IET recording
Nov 30 Network Analysis in R Jane Carlen recording
Sept 10-14 Beyond Basics in R Duncan Temple Lang Slides and code, recording 1, 2, 3
Sept 14-21 DataFest DSI website, Library link
Sept 24-25 Intro to R Duncan Temple Lang recording part 1, part 2
Spring 2018
April 13, 2018 Extracting Structure from Text Documents
April 20, 2018 Object Oriented Concepts, Flexible Functions, and Software Design in R Duncan Temple Lang slides, recording
April 27, 2018 A Practical Introduction to Text Mining Carl Stahmer code and data files
May 4, 2018 Using Relational Databases and SQL in R Duncan Temple Lang slides, recording
May 11, 2018 A Survey of Statistical Machine Learning Concepts, part 1 Duncan Temple Lang slides, recording
May 18, 2018 A Survey of Statistical Machine Learning Concepts, part 2 Duncan Temple Lang slides, recording
June 1, 2018 Topic Modeling with Latent Dirichlet Allocation Carl Stahmer recording
Jan 19, 2018 Working with and Creating R Packages Duncan Temple Lang slides. recording
Jan 26, 2018 R Fundamentals, part 1 Duncan Temple Lang
Feb 2 R Fundamentals, part 2 Duncan Temple Lang
Feb 9 R Fundamentals, part 3 Duncan Temple Lang
Feb 23 Projections for Spatial Data in R Michele Tobias
March 2 Exploratory Data Analysis with Ggplot Dan Hicks notes
March 2 Becoming a Data Scientist Info Session, Undergrads DSI slides
March 9 A gentle introduction to Bayesian inference Matt Espe slides, recording
March 13 Becoming a Data Scientist Info Session, Grads DSI slides
FALL 2017
Oct 6 Install-Fest Data Science Initiative Affiliates
Oct 13 Web Scraping & APIs Duncan Temple Lang
Oct 20 Computing on Clusters Bill Broadley slides
Oct 27 When to use a Database and Which Technology to Use Carl Stahmer recording
Nov 3 Getting & Working with Bibliometric Data Dan Hicks repo, recording
Nov 17 Parallel Computing in R Duncan Temple Lang slides, recording
Dec 1 Reading & Cleaning Complex Data with Regular Expressions Matt Espe & Duncan Temple Lang slides, recording
July R Fundamentals 4-Part Mini-Course, with recording and notes Duncan Temple Lang
April 14 Python for Data Analysis 1 Clark Fitzgerald
April 21 Python for Data Analysis 2 Nick Ulle
April 28 Efficient Code in R Duncan Temple Lang
May 5 Lessons from Binary Classification: overfitting and surrogate losses James Sharpnack
May 12 Lessons from Binary Classification: non-parametric methods and the kernel trick James Sharpnack
May 26 Docker Titus Brown
June 9 Data Visualization Principles Duncan Temple Lang
Jan 27 Slash and Burn Command Line and Git Carl Stahmer
Feb 3 Text Mining Fundamentals Carl Stahmer
Feb 10 Introduction to Bayesian Modeling Using Stan Matt Espe
Feb 17 Natural Language Processing: Text Normalization and Entity Extraction Carl Stahmer
Feb 24 Debugging in R Duncan Temple Lang
March 3 Natural Language Processing: Form and Meaning Carl Stahmer
March 10 Natural Language Processing: Text Classification Carl Stahmer
FALL 2016
Sept 19-20 Introduction to Data Science Using R Duncan Temple Lang and Deb Niemeier
Sept 30 Introduction to HPB/Cluster Computing
Oct 6 Unix Shell Titus Brown materials, recording
Oct 14 Getting Started with Software Repositories, GitHub
Oct 21 Introduction to SLURM
Oct 28 Introduction to Makefiles Duncan Temple Lang
Nov 18 Compiling/Optimizing Code for HPC Resources
March 7 Amazon Web Services
April 4 Advanced Beginning Python
April 6 Beginner Git Titus Brown
April 8 Introduction to Google Earth Engine Nick Clinton
April 8 Ultra-Basic Introduction to Command Line and Git Carl Stahmer slides
April 15 Introductory Text Mining Carl Stahmer
April 29 Intermediate Text Mining Carl Stahmer
May 4 Open Science Framework Center for Open Science
May 27 Advanced Text Mining Carl Stahmer
June 3 D3 Duncan Temple Lang materials
Jan 13 Python for Data Analysis
April 4 Web Scraping and Web Services Deborah Nolan and Duncan Temple Lang slides and recordings
April 25 Data Visualization Duncan Temple Lang and Deborah Nolan [slides]( recordings
Sept 29 Accessing Data from Web Pages and Web Services/APIs